Need your drain unblocking in Wakefield? We can help

It's stinky, it's embarrassing, it's all round unpleasant. You don't want to go anywhere near that blocked up drain, and why should you? If you're based in Wakefield, we have the equipment and the expertise to get your drain unclogged and pristine before you can say 'giant hairball' or '8 weeks worth of cooking oil'.

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What services do we offer?

  • We will deal with any drain, indoor or outdoor, domestic or commercial
  • We can repair drains that have collapsed, plus remove unwelcome tree roots
  • We have state of the art digital CCTV cameras to get a closer look at what's going on...
  • And good old fashioned jetting machines to blast difficult obstructions away

Are we reliable?

That would be a definite 'yes'. We're a well-established company with fully trained and qualified engineers who have:

  • Years of drain unblocking experience - there's little they can't unblock!
  • Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) cards, meaning they are qualified to work on building sites

We are also a SAFE Contractor approved company, and we make sure health and safety is second nature to our engineers.

If you need us, don't hesitate!

Take off those rubber gloves and bend that wire coat hanger back into shape, because for as little as £70 + VAT we can get your drain back to normal with little fuss and no stress.

We have a team of skilled, courteous professionals available 24-hours a day to assist with any drain related problems in Wakefield.

Call us on 01924 675427 now, and one of them will be with you in a jiffy to get that drain sorted once and for all.